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alphabetic arrangements

(a rotating smorgasbord of creative writing, old and new)

I want to write from my life as I do from my dreams,

simply taking dictation, simply narrating:

i say this. i see that.

i want to write elaborate feasts and exotic quick snacks,

to nourish, succor, enflame, delight.

i want to break hearts then mend them back together.

i want to catch my breath on the edge of a sentence,

feel every muscle tense with anticipation, then tumble,

giddy and foolish, down a laughing hillside of language.

i want to write from the lining of my belly with pictures

and sounds excavated from deep inside my organs.

i want to write like my life depends on it,

like i am writing the nobel prize for cancer, AIDS,

peace, universal ecstasy. i want to write without the blind

and crippled judge chained to my ankles. i want to marry joy

and despair inside these alphabet shapes so they stand up

and tango together the minute another human being

lays eyes on the words.

i want to write from the fresh uncombed child

who lives within the wise body of my avatar.

healer lori B bloustein artist © 2011 paradox arts